Why You Should Switch to Handmade Soap

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In the case that you still don’t use handmade soap or any non commercial skincare product on a daily basis, you may be wondering “Why should I switch to handmade soap?” There are so many reasons! Here you will find some most important of them and reveal why handmade soap is a wise choice for your skin and overall wellbeing.

The Importance of Handmade Soap

We live in a fast paced world (fast food, fast everything…), and we are accustomed to rushing and using whatever is offered. But wait, who would make a better and wiser choice for you than yourself? Our skin is the largest organ we have and the importance of taking care of it should be at the first place. We have to be aware that whatever we apply on our skin will be absorbed into our body. This fact alone should be enough to make you switching to handmade soap before any skin problems arise.

Top Reasons to Make the Switch

Be informed and consider these reasons to swich to handmade soaps:

1. Ingredients are most important

Cold process soap does not contain industrial chemicals. It is made from saponified oils and butters, with preserved and naturally produced glycerin during the process (unlike commercial bars where glycerin is removed!). Glycerin is a key ingredient for moisturizing the skin, and you will notice the difference after the very first use.

Olive Oil we are using for making best handmade soap

2. Production process

Handmade soaps are crafted in small batches with close attention to formulation. The process is labor intensive and time consuming, with additional curing time of around six weeks, but you will have a final soap bar worth all the effort. I have been making soaps for over a decade now, experimenting with many different formulations and I know that even small changes in the recipe can be felt.

3. Unique Appearance

While we are often drawn to the uniform look of commercial soap, that is not important in regards of quality. Handcrafted soaps offer more diversity, some with a rustic charm, but all are beautiful and certainly better option.

4. Style and Energy

Furthermore, every soapmaker has their own unique style. My intention is to add an artistic touch to every soap collection in addition to quality. That is more important on our soul level, which is integral part of our being and should not be ignored. Everything is interconnected – what we eat, what we apply on our skin, what we think and feel. I recommend you to explore more of this holistic approach in our guide Glowing from Within and there will be no doubt about whether you should swich to handmade soap or not.

Artistic design handmade soap

5. Environmentally Friendly

Handmade soap is often produced with sustainability in mind. Many artisan soapmakers use eco-friendly packaging and source organic ingredients. By choosing handmade soap, you’re reducing your environmental footprint compared to mass-produced soaps with excessive packaging and potentially harmful production processes.

6. Customization Options

You can find handmade soaps with various scents, textures, and ingredients to suit your personal preferences and skin needs. The formulation can be customized to address specific skin types or concerns that commercial products can’t match.

7. Support Small Businesses

When you purchase handmade soap, you will get a high quality product and you’re supporting small business at the same time. It is a win win situation.

Conclusion: Making The Switch

In conclusion, start by carefully reading the ingredient list of a soap. Avoid any substances that are unfamiliar as much as possible and choose better option. Yes, it may be easier and cheaper to use mass produced skincare products, but making an effort for your health will pay off in the long run. Keep in mind that a good quality handmade soap (such as the other skin products) is a part of healthier lifestyle.  For example, read HERE about why hydration is also important to radiant skin.

Be courageous, take a small step toward healthier skin, and make the swich to handmade soap.

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